The Benefits of Covered Parking

2 car garage with tan siding, two white garage doors, a side entry door, windows, and a brown shingle roof with a white cupola.

Parking your car in a garage isn’t just about keeping your car in like-new condition. Outdoor parking can speed up the deterioration of your vehicle, especially in extremely hot or cold climates. Garages help keep your vehicle in good shape so you and your family can feel comfortable and safe.

Vehicle Safety & Performance

Where you park your vehicle can affect the longevity of its life, as climate and weather conditions can create problems. If you live in an area that gets snow and rain frequently, parking your car outside greatly increases rusting. When your car is consistently exposed to wet weather conditions, your car’s braking abilities can worsen. This can include your car’s brake pads wearing down faster and the brakes rusting out.

A big benefit of parking your car inside a garage is that you don’t need to worry about sun exposure damaging your car tires. Too much sun exposure is bad for tires and can create dry rotting, a dangerous issue where a car’s tires begin to crack, deflate, and fall apart. Furthermore, as many people have seen, intense heat and cold can create problems for your car’s battery. Hot weather can make your car’s battery fluid evaporate while cold weather can freeze it and prevent your car from starting. Similarly, hot and cold temperatures also make your heating and air conditioning take longer to work. With the sun beating in through your windows or the cold making your car doors freeze, it will take longer for your car to cool down or warm up.

Vehicle Cleanliness

Parking your car in a garage helps keep away pollen, dirt, and dust that frequently cover cars parked outdoors. Because you won’t have this added dirt, you can go longer without washing your car. Best of all, parking your car in a garage means you don’t have to worry about scraping ice and snow off your car in the winter. Additionally, intense heat and sun exposure can affect your car’s interior by creating fading and cracking on the seats, steering wheel, and dashboard.

Vehicle Exterior

Parking your car outside speeds up the deterioration of your vehicle’s exterior. Natural accidents such as hail and falling branches can create massive damage to the body and windows of your vehicle. Likewise, parking your car outside can make it more susceptible to sideswipes, side-view mirror damage, car break-ins, and scratches. When your vehicle’s paint job and coating become damaged, it loses its full protection against rust and moisture.

Save Money on Costly Repairs

While you may be stuck trying to decide if buying a garage is worth it, keep in mind that you’ll end up saving money and time. Damage to your car’s performance, safety, interior, and exterior can lead to many expensive repairs throughout the years. Not only will you be protecting your vehicle’s current condition, but you may also find the convenience, shelter, and extra storage also improve your quality of life.

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