Santa Fe Pavilions

The pavilion creates a vibrant and warm outdoor living space. The warm, rich, neutral colors of wood or vinyl offer a backdrop where guests and family sit and watch the sun paint the evening sky to mauve, pink, and purple.

The simple, unpretentious pavilion design mirrors elements found in nature. Durable wood naturally distresses over time while keeping the structure sturdy. It’s built well enough to weather the test of time. 

The thick wooden or vinyl beams add structural integrity to the building while adding character and warmth to the outdoor space.

Each pavilion—wooden or vinyl—is low maintenance and will last a lifetime.

Reinforce the Southwest theme by planting cacti, perennial grasses, and succulents in turquoise pots. Add rattan seating and baskets for serapes. The historically rich architectural beauty of the Santa Fe pavilion fits well in any environment making it the perfect covering for outdoor dining, hot tubs, or an intimate place to have conversations.