Classic Garden Quaker

The added refinement of the longer overhangs and oversized windows, combined with the “Carriage style” roof make our Classic Garden Quaker series one of the most attractive of all of our shed styles. The higher roof pitch allows for extra overhead storage space that you might not get in a standard Quaker Shed. The Classic Garden Quaker models come standard with 1 set of double doors, 2 oversized windows with shutters, and 2 gable vents.


6 x 8$1,890$2,190
6 x 10$2,036$2,365
8 x 8$2,141$2,489
8 x 10$2,299$2,677
8 x 12$2,460$2,871
8 x 14$2,638$3,085
8 x 16$2,822$3,306
10 x 10$2,716$3,172
10 x 12$2,909$3,396
10 x 14$3,117$3,637
10 x 16$3,333$3,885
10 x 18$3,555$4,140
10 x 20$3,797$4,416
10 x 24$4,304$4,992
12 x 12$3,375$3,922
12 x 14$3,577$4,159
12 x 16$3,797$4,408
12 x 18$4,048$4,693
12 x 20$4,323$5,005
12 x 24$4,848$5,610
12 x 28$5,357$6,191
12 x 32$5,956$6,869

Overall Height

6' wide
8' wide
10' wide
12' wide

Overall Width

(shingle to shingle)
6' wide
8' wide
10' wide
12' wide

Learn more about...


Loft / Workbench

Add a Loft for overhead storage. add a Workbench, for either a shelf, or use to work on your Hobbies.


Add a Ramp to get things in easier, like you garden tractor, snow blower, kids bikes, motorcycle, and lots more

Electrical Package

Our standard Electric package comes with: 2-outlets, 1-light socket, 1-light switch, and 15 amp panel box

Cupola / Weathervane

Add décor to your shed

Door Pins / Tread Plate

Door pins are great to keep your doors open when getting your equipment out of the shed Add the tread plate to help protect the edge of the floor


Add the pegboard to keep everything organized.

Spouting with Down spouts

Add the spouting to save a lot of splash up on your shed, great way to keep your shed looking clean

Ridge Vent

Add a Ridge Vent for more ventilation

Transom Windows in Doors

Add a transom window to your shed doors, for more lighting, or just add more appeal to your shed


Our Standard Vinyl Siding Colors


Our Standard Painted Shed Colors

Navojo White
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Avocado Green
Dark Green

Our 3-Tab shingles (Standard on all Economy Sheds)

Golden Cedar
Autumn Brown
Nickel Gray
Silver Lining

Our Architectural shingles (on all standard Sheds, Classic sheds and Garages)

Mission Brown
Hickory Brown
Shakewood Brown
Williamsburg Slate
Pewter Gray
Fox Hollow Gray
Biscayne Blue
Hunter Green

Shed Delivery

All our sheds are delivered by a truck and trailer to your location

Please Note: Space Makers Sheds is not responsible for inaccessible sites, damage to shrubbery, lawns or driveways.

We also have the mule on the truck for all shed deliveries,
Why the Mule: The MULE allows us to go across wet yards, to reduced damage to yards, and allows us to move around objects in your yard, and access to tighter areas

Making Sure That The Truck Can Get In
Probably the biggest benefit of your structure is it will arrive completely assembled. But make sure that the delivery truck, or the Mule can get to your location. Walk your your property as if the truck, or Mule were right there so you can develop a path you will want our delivery driver to take. If you forsee any problams with this, contact us and we will do a site-check, and if necessary, for an additional charge, your structural can be Built on-site.

Shed Delivery Checklist:

  • What is the total length of your shed:
  • Add 2 foot in width for extra room when getting the building in:
  • Is there enough of clearance to get off the street and to your selected location??
  • Are there any Obstacles that will prohibit the delivery? Trees? Wells? Other Buildings?
  • is the terrain suitable for a delivery truck, or the mule?
  • how is the yard condition? Wet? Soft soil? Very hard?

Shed Foundations

A Gravel stone pad is our #1 Preference, Start by clearing off the area, then using either 4x6 or 6x6 pressure treated timber, for the outside border of your Pad, we recommend that you make the pad 2 feet wider and 2 feet longet then the shed, for example a 10x14 shed we recommend the pad to be (12x16) then fill the area with 4" to 6" with #5 certified drain stone, this helps for quick drainage and helps keep the structural level, stable and Dry, on top of the stone base

For information on Installing a Stone Gravel Pad, We recommend Bedrock Foundations
Call: 302-545-7067 Or visit their website at

Paver Block, why set you shed on paver block ??, it could be that you are getting a small shed, or a getting a shed very quickly, and do not have time to install a Foundation, we do not recommend sheds larger than 10x16 be set on paver blocks,
This is a service that we do offer, so please contact one of our sales staff for information.