Traditional Pergolas

Traditional pergolas give your home a fresh outdoor living space and come in two materials: vinyl and wood. Vinyl offers a more contemporary look, which some customers prefer. These pergolas don’t require maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying it as opposed to painting it.

Wooden pergolas come in a variety of sizes and a choice of four stains or two paints. All pergolas are delivered as a ready-to-assemble kit, with helpful instructions to navigate you through the process. Most can be assembled in a day using a minimal amount of tools.


8x8 $2,255 $3,220
8x10 $2,345 $3,460
8x12 $2,575 $3,700
8x14 $2,620$4,200
8x16 $2,805$4,515
10x10 $2,480$3,815
10x12 $2,635$4,040
10x14 $2,745$4,465
10x16 $2,925$4,805
10x20 $3,640$5,680
12x12 $2,795$4,370
12x14 $2,935$4,725
12x16 $3,110$5,065
12x20 $3,885$6,450
12x24 $4,190$7,115
14x14 $3,085$4,955
14x16 $3,255$5,500
14x20 $4,040$6,765
14x24 $4,360$7,495
14x28 $4,810$8,260
16x16 $3,555$5,815
16x20 $4,430$7,155
16x24 $4,895$7,820
16x28 $5,315$8,840
16x32 $5,745$9,665