Is Poly Furniture Worth It?

Brown poly rocking chair sits on front porch with white blanket draped over the side and a poly side table to the left.

If you’re searching for outdoor furniture you’ve probably come across poly lumber furniture. This type of outdoor furniture is popular with many, but you may be wondering if it’s right for you. In this blog post, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding poly furniture to help you determine if taking the plunge is worth it.

What Is Poly Furniture Made From?

Despite appearing to be handcrafted from lumber, poly furniture is made with recycled plastic and doesn’t contain wood at all. This plastic, known as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), can come from recycled plastic detergent bottles, milk jugs, bottles, and containers. Its tough material and lack of wood mean poly furniture can withstand all weather and climates. You don’t have to worry about your furniture getting ruined by bad weather as poly furniture is strong and built to last.

Furthermore, because no wood is involved in the making of poly furniture you don’t need to be concerned with splinters, water absorption, and mold. In general, poly furniture will remain in better condition than wood furniture, including its cosmetic appearance which is less prone to showing damage and scratches.

Why Is Poly Furniture So Expensive?

Poly furniture is more expensive upfront but can end up saving you money and time with its low maintenance and heavy-duty structure. Wood furniture can be difficult to maintain due to rot, insects, and abrasion. In contrast, poly furniture is extremely durable and will hold up despite frequent use and various outdoor conditions. Outdoor poly furniture doesn’t need to be maintained to live a long life. In fact, this furniture can last for 20-30 years with barely any maintenance at all!

How Do You Clean Outdoor Poly Furniture?

Poly table and chairs in backyard set with candles, flowers, and dinner.

The only maintenance poly furniture requires is a rinse or wash. This can be done with water, mild soap, and a non-abrasive brush. Cleaning your poly furniture is quite easy as you can use either a power washer or garden hose. However, if you use a power washer you should be careful not to go over 1,500 psi.

Just like all surfaces, mold can grow on poly furniture but removal is easy as you can simply wash it off. Likewise, spills and stains aren’t an issue for poly furniture. To the relief of many, this furniture won’t stain as it’s water-resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture.

Can I Leave Poly Furniture Outside During Winter?

If you live in a location with all four seasons, you don’t need to stress about storing away your outdoor furniture for the winter. Poly furniture is durable enough to remain outside and exposed to the elements in every season. Unlike wood furniture, you don’t need to do any extra work to ensure your poly furniture is resistant to water, it will already be that way.

Similarly, you won’t need to cover poly furniture with a tarp in wet weather conditions. That being said, putting a tarp or protective cover over your poly furniture will make cleaning a lot faster. A protective cover can keep you from having to wash off dirt, grass clippings, pollen, and dust.

Will My Poly Furniture Blow Away in the Wind?

White poly swing with a red blanket draped over it.

With a weight ranging from 30 to 50 pounds, poly furniture is just as heavy as hardwood furniture. Fearing your chairs and tables will blow away in a storm won’t be a problem since poly furniture can withstand wind, rain, snow, sun, and saltwater.

Can Poly Furniture Be Painted?

Instead of being painted, poly furniture is dyed and has UV-resistant pigment to keep its colors from fading. While painting poly furniture is possible, it never needs to be painted or stained. If you do choose to paint your poly furniture, be sure to use a paint or spray paint that made is for plastics.

Can Poly Furniture Be Sanded?

Sanding is not needed for poly furniture as it’s not made from wood. However, if you notice small scratches on your furniture, you can gently sand these blemishes away. Just be careful not to press too hard when sanding or damage can be done. Overall, it’s best to avoid sanding your poly furniture as in some cases this may void its warranty.

Full of benefits from being weather-proof to low maintenance, poly furniture is a top choice among many for outdoor furniture. Looking to browse poly furniture options? Our Modern Outdoor Furniture and Finch Poly Furniture catalogs are full of numerous colors, styles, and functions to choose from. Plus, fill out our free quote form to get your own, personalized estimate!