Turn Your Shed Into the Perfect Outdoor Workspace

Wooden shed surrounded by greenery

Built to Last and Grow With You: How to Get the Most Versatility Out of Your Shed

For people working from home, it doesn’t take long to outgrow the work space. A cabinet here, a work bench there - and soon they find themselves expanding or searching for storage! With the kids or the family dog creating a cute but noisy ruckus, sometimes a little distance can go a long way. 

Whether you have recently invested in a backyard structure or if you are currently considering your options for expanding your home office area, it’s always good to take a look before diving into redesign. 

Covering the Basics: What You Need to Know About Using Your Shed as a Home Office or Workshop 

If chances are high that you or a family member will want the option to outsource a current shop from the garage to the backyard (ie your shed!), you’ll want to be sure not to skimp on size when it comes to square feet. 

To be sure, underestimating the needed area of a new shed is one of the most common mistakes buyers make which considerably limits the degree of benefits you can gain from your investment over time. 

Tools, grease and sawdust not your thing? No worries! You can just as easily upgrade your outdoor structure to a cozy work-from-home office complete with a branded interior décor and/or theme

Have your company colors picked out already? Imagine the possibilities with a simple stop to the second hand, thrift or local store when it comes to ensuring that your professional vibe is truly your own. Even if you’re at home for the time being, you can still refer to style fashionistas through sources online to spruce up your space while keeping your social distance.

At a Glance: Ins and Outs of Maximizing your Shed’s Versatility

In order to get the most out of your structure inside and out, we recommend considering the following features to enhance your investment over time:

For smaller sheds, consider rolling or hideaway shelving units: This can help to conceal items, tools, or office materials that you would otherwise prefer to keep out of sight (and, perhaps, out of mind!). You can also easily switch out such units depending upon your needs, and adjust accordingly between projects. 

Take your floor situation seriously by investing in it for the long haul: You wouldn’t want to work in an office environment that feels too much like an outdoor shed. And you probably wouldn’t want a workshop with a dirt floor. So why settle for the standard issue flooring option when it comes to a shed you may wish to convert into a home office expansion or outdoor workspace? Treat your new shed’s floor like you would your home’s, and you can count that it will be in great shape if or when you decide on another upgrade.

Ready for an outdoor shed (aka future expanded home office, or man-cave inspired outdoor workshop)? The professional team at Shed Makers Sheds can most certainly help with that! Give us a call today, or email us through our website. You can also get a sample of what type of shed might be the perfect fit for you by trying out our Shed Builder Tool!