Winter's Effects on Recreational Equipment Storage

Closeup of snow falling on ground during a blizzard

Many people would agree – winter sports and outdoor recreation are opportunities for great amounts of family fun! With that fun of course, comes responsibility to maintain your (and your family’s) recreational equipment.  Proper maintenance and storage of cold weather outdoor equipment is as important to the process of ownership as your ability to enjoy it.

Storage is often a priority concern of recreational equipment owners.  It is not an uncommon occurrence for sleds, skis, snowboards, snowmobiles and more to overtake a home’s garage “extra” floor space all too quickly during the winter months!  Before you know it, you are tripping over ski poles and running your toe into the tire of an ATV in the dark on your way to take the trash out!  Ouch!

Or alternatively, snowmobiles, ATVs and side-by-sides are found tucked in the backyard “out of the way” under a tarp or cover to free up that needed garage space.  While parking covered snow equipment outside near a wall of a home helps to keep it out of the wind and away from kicked up debris, it is not always the best storage configuration.

Winter Weather has Harsh Effects

Equipment can deteriorate in the harsh conditions of ice and snow if left outside.  Rust and moisture can become serious issues.  Temperature differentials can cause moisture to condense in fuel tanks, leading water droplets to sweat down into the fuel.  Engines can ice over and freeze up.  Wiring and wiring harnesses can get brittle and snap. These are just a few of the more costly exterior and interior issue examples of what can arise if recreational vehicles are routinely exposed (tarp covered or uncovered) to the elements of winter.  

The same is true of skis, sleds, snowshoes, snowboards, and other assorted snow toys.  These too have their own unique set of maintenance and storage challenges, beyond getting underfoot when stockpiled or stacked in the garage. For example, extended sun exposure can cause materials breakdown on these types of toys and equipment, thus shortening the life and effectiveness of them.  Bindings on skis, snowshoes and snowboards can become brittle and stiff, losing their pliability, and speeding up the need for replacement if stored outside without cover.  

How can you avoid cluttering up your garage’s marginally available space and mounds of equipment parked and piled in your backyard? Our team at Space Maker Sheds think the solution is an obvious one - adding a storage shed or garage intended specifically for all of the things and vehicles your family and you love to play with in the snow! 

Winter Storage Options

What are the storage options available for this purpose?  The possibilities abound - we offer standard designed sheds and garages as well as high-touch, fully customizable structures.  If you are looking for an economy shed with just enough square footage to hold sleds, skis, and shovels we can work with you to get that installed in a short period of time.  Or, if you are planning on designing something that meets every unique need of your assorted snow vehicles, we would invite you to check out our 3D Shed Builder. The modeler allows you to design and redesign your vision for an outdoor storage structure from the convenience of your laptop or mobile device while simultaneously estimating the cost of your design.  

Don’t let stubbed toes on piles of equipment be troublesome any longer!  If you are remotely considering the possibility of a storage structure for your winter recreational essentials - let’s talk. Contact one of our qualified staff members today as we would be happy to explore your storage needs with you!