What Are Gazebos Used For?

14x20 oval gazebo with open wood siding, a double roof with green metal roofing, and a cupola.

A classic outdoor structure, the gazebo has been a backyard statement and focal point for generations. Gazebos are more than just decor though; these versatile structures are known to have all kinds of uses. Keep reading to learn more about the top uses for backyard gazebos.

Patio & Garden Lounging

Timeless and charming, gazebos are commonly found in backyards, gardens, overlooks, parks, and on decks or patios. These outdoor structures are the hearts of many outdoor spaces, providing shade and a place to rest. When used as a space for relaxation, the gazebo creates a peaceful environment that’s ideal for reading, bird-watching, playing guitar, meditating, painting, and enjoying the view. The traditional Octagon Gazebo is a popular pick for patio, deck, or garden lounging.

Outdoor Dining

Gazebos come in various sizes, including those big enough to host large dinner parties. These spacious gazebos have plenty of room to fit big dining tables, chairs, and numerous guests. Many pre-built and custom gazebos come with options for screens and doors so you can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by bugs. Your screened-in gazebo can also provide enough bug-free space for setting up an outdoor buffet during cookouts and dinner parties. We recommend the Rectangle Gazebo or Dodecagon Gazebo for those wanting a roomy backyard structure that can host big parties

Hot Tub Canopies & Shelters

10x20 white rectangle gazebo with screened-in sides, a screen door, gray shingle roofing, and a cupola.Gazebos are also perfect structures for hot tub canopies or shelters. These outdoor structures have solid floors that are sturdy and durable enough to withstand the weight of a hot tub. The gazebo’s roof prevents leaves from falling into your hot tub, saving you the annoying task of always cleaning out debris.

Additionally, your gazebo will shelter you from rain and snow so you can enjoy your hot tub in all seasons. As mentioned before, adding screens and doors to your gazebo helps keep bugs out but also makes your space more private. If you want a hot tub shelter that protects your hot tub and gives you a private backyard getaway, a screened-in Oval Gazebo is an excellent choice.

Outdoor Yoga & Exercise

Gazebos create idyllic spaces for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy yoga and equipment-free workouts without being in the rain, snow, or sun. In addition to providing shade and protection from the elements, the gazebo already has a level floor that’s great for yoga mats and other portable workout equipment. By using a gazebo for your morning yoga or daily workout routine, you get to enjoy fresh air, peaceful surroundings, and the sounds of nature in your own private home gym.

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