Tips for Styling Poly Furniture

Poly furniture loveseat with tan cushions, white and red throw pillows, and a black base sits in front of a black poly wood fire pit.

Many homeowners and renters dream of designing their own private outdoor spaces where they can relax among nature on beautiful days. One of the most important aspects of designing a patio or deck is the furniture you use. The furniture you choose for your backyard oasis is an investment that should last for years. The importance of durable and weatherproof outdoor furniture is why many families trust poly lumber furniture. In addition to being resistant to all weather conditions, poly furniture also delivers comfort and style. Keep the design process fun with our tips for styling poly furniture and your backyard space!>

Choose Your Style

Poly lumber furniture is available in various sizes, styles, uses, and designs. Outdoor dining tables come in round, square, and rectangular shapes. Similarly, poly lumber dining chairs and tables can be found in bar, counter, and bistro heights. At Space Makers, our poly furniture styles range from farmhouse and traditional to coastal and contemporary. In addition to design style, different furniture designs are also available to elevate your space. These unique outdoor designs include gliders, rocking chairs, swivel chairs, swings, and the ever-popular Adirondack chair.

Additionally, you can save time and simplify your shopping with outdoor dining sets and lounge furniture sets. Many popular furniture sets come in combinations of armchairs, sofas, loveseats, benches, settees, coffee tables, dining tables, and dining chairs. Best of all, furniture sets are designed to look good together so you don’t have to worry about matching styles and colors.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Colors or Styles

Teal poly wood porch swing with white cushions and orange throw pillows.Poly wood furniture comes in both vibrant and natural colors. This color is infused throughout the furniture and won’t fade. With bright colors, you can use your furniture to create unique focal points and bursts of color. A natural color palette is a classic choice that matches the furniture’s surroundings. Both bright or natural color schemes can feature great color contrasts with the rest of your furniture and outdoor space. When working with a color scheme in mind, you can create a beautifully blended patio or deck with different furniture styles.

While you can choose an existing set or combined sofa, poly furniture also gives you the option to customize your space with modular sofa sections that can be rearranged. Modular outdoor sofas are especially fitting for those who like switching up their patio’s layout, or who frequently move and need furniture that can adjust to new spaces.

Incorporate Decor & Personal Touches

Style with Weatherproof Pillows and Cushions

Throw pillows and cushions are perfect for merging your outdoor space’s themes and colors. To help narrow down your options, aim to match the colors or patterns of your pillows, cushions, and rug(s). Most importantly, your throw pillows and cushions must be made for outdoor conditions and should be weatherproof, durable, easy to clean, and fade-resistant.

In addition to throw pillows, outdoor neck pillows are great accessories for poolside lounges, backyard chaise sofas, and other types of poly wood chairs. These easy-to-install headrest pillows help support your neck and provide additional comfort while you bask in the sun.

Include Outdoor Rugs

Brown poly wood arm chair and ottoman set with yellow cushions, white and black striped throw pillows, and a lemon patterned blanket.Outdoor rugs create another opportunity for you to express personal flair and style with all types of patterns and colors on the market. However, only specific materials are recommended for outdoor use. When choosing an outdoor rug, opt for rugs made with polypropylene or polyester materials. Outdoor rugs made with these materials are fade-resistant, easy to clean, and won’t grow mold or mildew.

Different rug shapes will work better in different spaces. Rectangular rugs are ideal for large patios and decks, while round or square rugs are best for small spaces. For narrow decks or patios, outdoor runners work great.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a main aspect of a space’s atmosphere. You can further increase your deck or patio’s coziness and intimacy by adding outdoor lighting. String lights are a popular choice for outdoor lighting as they can be hung on walls or ceilings to prevent taking up space. Additionally, you can hang string lights on furniture, like serving tables and bars, to light up dining spaces.

Other lighting options include lanterns, outdoor wall lamps, and perimeter lighting like tiki torches or walkway lights. Countless solar light options are available that reduce electric costs while lighting up your outdoor space.

Decorate with Plants

Many people love lounging outdoors on their decks or patios to be in nature, so it’s not surprising that plants are commonly used as decorations in these spaces. If you frequently use your deck or patio at night, you may want to consider light-colored plants. Lighter-colored flowers and plants look great in dimly lit spaces so you can enjoy them even in the dark.

Vertical gardens and succulent walls are perfect for saving floor space or decorating a small outdoor area. These types of gardens and planters keep your patio or deck clear while boosting its appearance. Likewise, single and double planter benches expertly combine additional seating with decorative elements. These planter benches beautifully line patio parameters without blocking your backyard’s view.

Brown and black poly furniture dining table and chairs set with a blue table runner and a set table.Be Intentional with Your Layout

When arranging your furniture, decide where you want your focal point to be. For example, this could be a dining area, bar, sofa, or firepit. Make sure any high foot traffic areas are kept open for everyday use and easy access. You don’t want to place a sofa or firepit in the way of common walking paths. If able, arrange your main furniture in a way where you can easily walk around it instead of weaving through it. If you have certain spots you don’t want people walking through, like a patch of growing grass, items like tiki torches and planters encourage guests to stay on your patio.

Adding accent furniture is a simple way to improve your patio or deck’s functionality, comfort, and stylish appearance. Outdoor accent furniture like end tables, coffee tables, serving tables, footstools, and ottomans provide additional storage and surface space on your patio.

Shopping for outdoor furniture, setting up your patio, and styling your space doesn’t have to be difficult. Space Makers Sheds has proudly helped countless homeowners and renters find the ideal poly lumber furniture for their properties. Whether you need outdoor furniture for a beach house or cabin in the mountains, our team of experts has you covered! Contact us today for personal assistance with making your dream backyard a reality.